Scissors please, it's time to cut your BRAIDS guy!

Shout out to Mikki for inspiring this one right here! why my brother, why why why

what part of the game is this, that men are walking around at 25, 30, 35, 40 with braided hair??? what about your childhood are you trying to hold onto??

I really don't understand it, is it because you can't afford a hair cut? I know a lot of mothers do this with their sons as infants because they don't want to cut their hair before it all grows in or whatever, but in my opinion, 1st birthday, 1st haircut!!! Shoot cause for starters I already have enough daughters so if I ever had a son I would not be trying to do more hair than necessary, and 2 I want to inspire my son to be a clean cut man from EARLY!!

So what happens in your teens, a lot of men grow their hair for style..ok yeah thats cool and it looks cute on some guys and surely helps then make friends with girls since they usually need someone to braid them up in all the latest styles..

buttt.. umm.. past 18, and since I am feeling generous today, past 21 (typical graduation from college, welcome to the real world age) there should be nothing more than a ceasar or mini fro on your head.... the braids thing at 25, 30, 35, 40 is just immature..

so what are the justifications that guys use for braids at such old ages? They just like it? it looks cool? It's still helping attract girls?? What could be the reasons.. and even better what is having braids blocking you from getting/ receiving??

Are the women your age rolling their eyes at you when you try to holla, so your last few relationships were all with women 10 years younger than you?

Where do you work, with braids? how high on the totem pole can you get really? Oh you work at Amex? oh really? oh in the mail room? ooh. And you have a degree?? bummer.

Perception is everything my good men, and surely a woman who is serious about her life, her career and her future, is not going to entertain any man who doesn't even have the maturity to realize he is not Sampson, his hair is not his strength... The big boss at the job may love you, right in the same position you are, forever, you not only need to play the part but you also need to look the part... so that promotion you are waiting for.. umm don't hold your breath.

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