Agape Love

Define Unconditional: Without limitations or conditions..

Most humans love conditionally. We expect people to love us first before we love them back, and once their love stops, our love stops right along with it. But that's not unconditional love...... not at all

Somehow we are able to understand this principle of love when it comes to our parents and our children, we love them unconditionally, no matter what they do, where they go, how they offend us, or hurt us, we never turn our backs on them, we keep giving to them, overlooking their flaws and shortcomings. We may have conversations with them about their issues, but in the end, we accept them for who they are at the time and move on.

If someone were to ask you, Why do you love your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, fiancee, wife, husband? What would you say?

Most men would say, because she's beautiful, kind, strong, a good cook, a good mother

Most women would say, because he's handsome, funny, helpful, generous, a good father

What if over time, as things often do change, what if your partner was no longer any of these things.. would you still love them?

Ladies what if your partner, lost his looks, became overweight, became crass and rude, became stingy, and in no way wanted to help or be involved with the children.

Men what if your partner lost her looks, became overweight, bitter, a nag, stopped cooking, and in no way wanted any relationship with the children...

The logical answer if all of these things occurred at once is, NO, you wouldn't love your partner anymore and you would probably walk away from them completely.

The basis of your love was based only on their qualities and when the qualities faded so did the love.

But love is not determined by the one BEING loved. It is determined by the one CHOOSING to love.

Did you get that?

What that means is, a person shouldn't have to do a certain thing in your favor to be loved by you. Love is a choice you make, no matter the circumstance or time.

It shouldn't matter if the person is doing all the best things, worst things, fun things, make you happy things, make you unhappy things, unconditional love says, I will love you anyway. Do you love your partners only because THEY are so lovable or because YOU are loving?

When a person in a relationship says.. I have fallen out of love with you.. what that means is, I never loved you unconditionally to begin with.... I was just loving you as long as you were showing me the type of love that I need to be happy.. If you aren't filling that void anymore its time for me to find someone else who will.

Most relationships are built on conditional love, sexual love, friendship love.. when they act alone, these types of love are TEMPORARY.. none of them are infinite alone.. but if you want it to last, you can rebuild your relationship with AGAPE.. once that flows, the other types of love are even better..

The deep thoughts behind Agape love, will make even the most loving person perplexed.. it's like saying so I have to stick around even when this person is only making me miserable? What about my happiness? The love that I want and need... At what point do I get to throw in the towel and say enough is enough? Well agape love tries to teach us that unless the relationship is violent or adulterous, the answer to that question is never.... You never walk away..

Even when the person is doing nothing to make you happy, you stick with them, pray for them, and continue to make them happy, because that's what unconditional love does. Perplexing? Yes.. A Challenge? YES!!!!! Impossible? No, but it will probably be one of the hardest things you ever do in your life.. and the reward God Willing will be 10 times the size of the effort...

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirls
We shouldn't love our partners because.. We should just love them.. period.


Africa said...

I always say these women need to stop listening to Beyonce and Single Ladies she already has her ring and her man and I am sure she doesn't run that relationship, many women definitely are on that I am too good for this and he needs to do this....Please give me a about you think about what do you need to do......

Carrie Pink, Modern Day Supergirl said...

LOL Exactly, women need to stop being followers of other lonely women or believing what the entertainers tell them. YOU KNOW Beyonce does not run that relationship, he keeps her ass in CHECK!

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

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