The Reason You are Still Single

Awww. Here we are all together once again. Ladies please pull out those mirrors and take a long hard look at yourselves.

We all hear our girlfriends complain when they are single, I can't find a man, I can't find a good man, I'm tired of being alone, I keep attracting losers etc etc etc Some of you we sympathize with because we know you are a good people but just haven't found the right one, your house seems to be in order and your ducks are in a row, but others, smh.... Hmph.. Some of you we just shake our heads when you complain because we know why you don't have a man.... Lookie here... Boo you don't have a man because your life is a mess.. hellloooo..McFly..

It's not because all men are dogs, gay, or in jail, its because you my dear are a hot heap of firey mess. The good men are here, living and breathing everyday just like the rest of us, they are just hiding from your ass and other women like you, like the plague!

We all walk around with these lists of standards.. oh the man I get must have x, y,z ... umm sweetie you don't even have X, so why do you think that a man with x, y AND z would be attracted to YOU! and he must have this house and this car and wear these clothes and make this much money... riiiiiiight.. and what are you working with?? Girl your Louis bag is a knock off from Canal street, you've been a receptionist since you graduated college and you bank account is on E between paychecks.. Tell me honestly what kind of men do you think you are bound to attract??

I totally believe int he laws of attraction and the type of energy you put out there consciously and subconsciously have an affect on the type of people you attract into your life... Work on you and get yourself better before trying to find Mr. Perfect and be careful, want to stop attracting the losers? Stop being one yourself.

Watch the video below. ; )

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl

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