Parasites, Leeches and other Toxins in your Rolodex!!

Written by Nicole Symmonds adapted by Carrie Pink

We have opportunities to engage with bad company on a daily basis, they are with us at work, at school, and at church.

We are friends with bad company and in relationships with bad company for years and years and years. We are so vested in our bad company that we don't know how to cut the ties that bind us because that seems so extreme and it makes us feel guilty.

Lots of people have problems letting people go. They don't know how to leave well enough alone so they spend most of their time giving people the benefit of the doubt repeatedly only to find myself hurt or their growth stunted or both.

What's worse is you become an enabler to your own parasites/ toxins, inadvertently you are voluntarily saying here USE ME as a host!!!

People allow this to happen for years and years, in platonic and romantic relationships. They fail to realize that neither relationship should bring unexplainable amounts of pain/ sorrow.

Friendships and relationships should add richness to your life they should be there building you up in the hard times and carrying you through any sorrow. They should want you to better everyday than you were yesterday, even if you don't see it for yourself. Success breeds success, and crabs in a barrel only breed more crabs.

Friendships and relationships should bear fruit, be constructive and you should be able to count your blessings with this person that should outweigh any sorrow.

If you are spending more time being frustrated upset confused or compromising your integrity for the sake of a friendship or relationship and constantly explaining

why you are going back to school,
moving out of your mama's house,
quitting the job where you all work together for a better position,
going back to church,
getting engaged or married,

ummmmm... it's time to let those friends go, they obviously do not want the best for you and you cannot keep making room for these people in your life

It may be heartbreaking to do, but the further the delay the more precious time you are wasting. When a parasite, leech, or toxic person clamps onto you, they do so until you have nothing left for yourself, they suck you dry, take your energy, your drive and your tenacity.. Are you happy with that?

Those of you out there who say oh that may be how they are, but they have no influence over me, I don't let them use me, or sway me, I am my own person and I do what I want to do. Ask yourself are you really being truthful with yourself, is your life down in the dregs just like them, are you really setting yourself apart from the crabs in a barrel? Are you happy with who you are when you are with them or do you feel that you could be better?? your answers to those questions will really tell you whether you are letting them influence/ corrupt you..

And now the biggest challenge of the day, look in the mirror and ask yourself am I the parasite, the leech, or the toxin to somebody? why am I doing that and how can I change my destructive behavior? why do I want to tear another person down and keep them from excelling? What am I unhappy about with myself or that person? Am I jealous, insecure, incapable of fending for myself, afraid of failure, or other people successes??? Seek some help for yourself, seriously.

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirls


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