It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Well at least it used to...

Yesterday we discussed how kids often manipulate their parents from even as young as 9 months old into getting their way and becoming selfish spoiled ungrateful adults who have no fear or respect for authority figures when there is no interception of their behaviors. lol yes that is a broad sweep of yesterdays convo... beyond the original discussion.

So today let's discuss discipline of our little ones... What happened to the days of you having fear and respect for every adult in the immediate vicinity knowing that if anyone of them saw u cutting up there would be an ass whipping awaiting for you at home???

I mean kids walk around with attitude now so extreme and balls so big that some of them can even say oh my mother can't do sh** to me or I'm not going to get in trouble with her (her? Who the hell is her?)

To me parents are failing and it's like Erin and Larnel said yesterday because too many parents are trying to be their kids friends from birth, ummm why? How can you achieve authority figure respect if you cutting up right along with them and slapping fives???

Parents are getting soft and creating monster children who turn into monster adults in the process.

It bugs me when parents excuse their child's facety rude behavior with

"oh that's just how he/she is... He/She was born that way.."

Umm really?

They are only 6 years old !! What the hell do they know about being any one way over another !??

There is no time when rude behavior in a child is cute and you can't wait until 5 or 6 or 12 years old to start correcting them, but a lot of parents think their grown acting, grown looking, designer clothes wearing 6 year old is cute and are ready to fight any outsider who lends any words of difference.

Many may disagree but a parents job is to train/raise a child not accept them as he/she are born, parents are supposed to be correcting inappropriate behaviors and teaching them the difference between right and wrong and how to be respectful, self sufficient adults during the first 18 years of their life!

That's why being a parent is so hard because you have to be the good guy and the bad guy at the same time, and what you teach or don't teach will affect that child until they have children of their own, some parents never want to be the bad guy so they just end up with bad ass kids

I know some parents were going overboard with discipline and abusing their kids.. and it's just messed up because they were taking out their ish on their kids, now all types of systems are in place to prevent real discipline.

Because some kids deserrrrve an ass whipping every now and then to get them in check!!

The thing is.. lol I had so much fear of my parents that even if they would have ever hit me (which they didn't), I would have never in a million years dared raised my fingers to pick up their phone to call BCW.. (the old ACS) That would have been a death wish.. or a permanant move into foster care..smh

And with that fear alone my parents never had to beat me past 5 years old.. I stayed on the striaght and narrow for the most part.. lol If you ask them they'd probably say I was a problem teen but compared to the things kids get into now adays shoot I was ideal.

Kids are not coming home everyday, getting busted with boys/girls in the house, cursing at their parents, raising their hand to them, becoming teenage parents, dropping out of school, using drugs, getting arrested, the list can go on and on and on

The key is, laying down the law early, like when your kid is 1, so that by the time they are 5 they have a good handle on what mommy is going to accept and not accept..

My 5 year old recently saw my 7 year old niece throw a tantrum and the placid reaction my sister gave her daughter... I guess she must have lost her mind for a second and said I'm going to try that with my mom too.. so she does in the middle of Times Square for me telling her "No we are not going into the Sanrio store today" She started this tantrum and I tell you I was shocked So in Times Square I yell ARE YOU CRAZY? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? my yelling jolted the tantrum to a close and I told her, you better grab onto this stroller and lets go.. before you get what your cousin should have..

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