The Ex that always wants you back......but not really

It's an absolute oxymoryn, and it comes in a couple of forms, I call it the glass jar theory! I'mma just put you up on this here shelf, just in case, in this glass jar...

The I don't want you but I don't want anyone else to have you either Jar- this is the ex who knows exactly why they broke up with you, they think you are good but they are still wondering if there is someone else better out there, they go out into the world and the search. During the entire "breakup" they play mind games to keep you around...just in case they are wrong and you are the best thing. On top of that they start acting ignorant as soon as you start entertaining other people.

This the ex who either leaves ur emotional self with alllll types of baggage when they think they have found their ONE! Or kicks themselves for life after you move on to someone else and shut them down once and for all, realizing they may have let the best girl/ guy for them get away.

The I only want you in the future ex- this is the ex who knowingly treats you bad because they just don't feel like it's time to settle down, bu they don't want to let you get away, so they never break up with you. They know they are immature but will to treat you like a queen when they learn to act right, so until then they will just keep treating you like shit, hoping everyday you will hang in there just a little longer so they can have a maturity epiphany.

You either hang in their until they grow up or get sick of the bs and leave for someone who already past puberty leaving them regretful and crying like a baby

The seasonal ex- this is the ex who professes their love to you when the weather is cold and reneges when spring starts heating up, they think nothing of this selfish relationship because hey they're happy all year round!!! The one fall you find someone else to keep you warm this ex goes into sabotage mode and starts acting like a real caring partner, hoping you will fall for it until spring rolls around again.

Makes me think about the Mario song, "Break Up", although very catchy that song is the biggest load of crap ever. "Loving you when I'm loving you so why would u want to break up? I know I flirt with other girls, say I be right back but take too long, saying she wasn't who she was and now we arguing, but baby I love you????"

Righttttt I treat u bad but when I treat you good it's really good, I buy u things, I'm good in bed, so why bother to break up??? Talk about a mind effe

I, Mario, have just completely convinced you as to why I should be able to have cake and eat it too..... Yes and a lot of women fall for this, are material things and access to someone else's money really worth it??

The question of the day is how do you break (lol) up and be for real with it, even if you aren't the one who wants the break up? It seems like people in love with these types allow themselves to be brain effed until the person either walks away permanently leaving you a confused emotional mess or you leave after having an absolute mental breakdown! Is this just an enviable part of the love cycle?

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