The Bullshit Leaders

Friday I put up a quote that I wrote
"I don't know is the most bullshit phrase in the English language it's right up there with I can't and I tried The Bullshit Leaders."

Whats so hard about telling the truth?? Is it really that much easier to lie and bullshit which in most cases is still a lie...

When you use I don't know, typically you do know, you'd just rather not tell the person asking the question....

And it can be for a host of reasons, ur embarassed, ur scared, u don't want to hurt them etc etc etc

But honestly who are you fooling really? You do realize your only fooling yourself don't you?

Half of the time the person you are feeding bullshit to knows that it's bullshit and their frustration grows much larger knowing that you don't a. Don't have the balls to tell the truth b. Don't trust them enough to tell the truth c. Don't trust yourself enough and are too selfish/scared to deal with the consequences the truth may bring

C is a big one and to me is the number 1 reason people lie/bullshit (can you tell I've been reading psychology today?)

When you lie or bullshit your way through something you are really trying to alter an outcome, trying to control destiny and in a actuality You are trying To gain power over other peoples decisions which may work temporarily but everything in the dark eventually comes to light..... And the outcome becomes far worse than if u had just upped and told the truth the first time.....

However it seems like it takes years of mistakes to learn this lesson properly or the loss of something so major that you decide to never risk anything that great again

So how do u overcome? Just my advice, Think about what's really at stake and how u would feel to lose it forever if caught, that should prompt you to not only tell the truth every time but to do it with sincerity and humility

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl

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