The countdown begins...365, 364, 363

In 356 days I will be 30 years old and no I am not ashamed to admit nor am I scared of it.. Why are people so afraid of this age??.... some peeps I know need to be looking for that wisdom and maturity that comes with it. TRUST. No you cannot be 25 for the 3rd time.. be 28, 29, 30 and grow the effe up already....

Does not accepting your age and embracing growing older means you are afraid of your future, (obviously this is a rhetorical question that you can answer silently to yourself.) are you unhappy with their current state of affairs and expected to be further ahead by now? In dealing with that disappointment are you trying to rewind the clock and relive 25, 26, 27, the years you should have been focused but were too busy goofing off?

Maybe you want to relive those moments that you considered the most "popping" but the thing about it is you have to realize The Best is Yet to Come!!! If you keep living your life, living and loving a you of the past how can you make the most of the you from your future? If you want to be 25 forever, how mentally will you be able to grow into a wise old griot when you are stuck in a time warp??

Have you ever seen a grandma who is obviously stuck in a time warp of wanting to be 25 forever? She has as many colors in her weave as her 21 year old grandchildren, has a nose ring and fresh tattoos, puma sneakers and dripping in jewelry like a rap video? On top of that, she is still working and she is already over 65, still lives in an apartment and doesn't have a dime saved for her retirement...

This can easily happen to you too.

My advice to all of you out there is take grasp of your life today, figure out what it it you should have been doing the past 3 or 4 years and start doing it TODAY. Time is our most valuable asset, waste it and it cannot be replenished!

How will you spend your next 365 days... ???

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirls
Time is more valuable than money

Carrie is a co-host on the NonStopRadioShow which airs Sundays at 6pm

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