Yep it's a knockoff!

Not sure if people care as much now-a-days but I remember a time when I was in college where you would not dare get caught with a noticeable knockoff because people would try and clown you for it.

Looking back I laugh, at them

Peer pressure is that serious? We were willing to break our pockets to avoid ridicule? Now at almost 30 and trying to be financially savvy we all know this doesn't make any financial sense whatsoever.

Thank God for age right...

In most cases we don't need the item, can't really afford the item and usually can't differentiate the authentic from the knockoff at first glance, and why should anyone be inspecting your stuff anyway????

A lot of people, the snooty, nose in the air, you can't keep up with me, my last name is Jones, look down on knockoffs and believe if you can't afford to be in their circle with the real thing you shouldn't buy the knockoff either.....its just wrong

Ummm... Yeah ok, who the effe are you and who made your word law?

Let's see here, my money, my desire, my purchase, my satisfaction.... Ok lets re read that, did you see yourself in there? Nope not one you in the whole thing, no one cares about you... I know I sure don't.

Funny because there is a statistic out there that says to be able to truly afford a $3-5 coffee or latte from Starbucks 5 days a week you need to make a minimum of $90,000 a year....

That's $1305 a year in coffee, well what do you know, that's about the same price as a medium to large sized, functional, Louis, Fendi, Dior, Chloe, Gucci bag.... Who woulda thunk it.

So look around your house (yes house, you own one I assume), if you have more than one of these bags and only make $50k you need to start asking yourself some serious questions. And if you don't own a house or still live at home but have more than one $1000 bag you should be ashamed, there went your down payment money, you're wearing it on your shoulder, smh

You might be wondering whats my personal experience... Well I never owned a real Louis, Fendi, Chloe, Gucci or Dior bag because I felt no house no bag. I bought knockoffs proudly from Canal Street wore them until they fell apart then chucked them in the trash $30 well spent. Not only that but I never faked the funk either if anyone asked and have referred tons of people, even the snoots, (surprised? I'm not) to my guy on Canal.

Once I bought my house then I felt I earned the right to a premium designer so I bought a bag and some shoes as a congratulatory gift to myself smh which both have been buried deep in my closet somewhere for the past 2 years only to resurface maybe once every other season. $$$ truly wasted. Haven't bought any other premium designer bags, authentic or knockoff since..

Carrie Pink
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forget the bags are you maxing your 401k and IRA???


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