That is what the cover of the New York Post boasted yesterday as I whizzed past the news stand...

I don't think the post was ever considered a reputable news source but now they are just sliding down the ranks to sensational tabloid..

I didn't read the article but it definitely made me look, and then think about media publications, what they deliver, who they target, and what we get from them.

In this country the news we get is not real news, it is diluted, filtered, and strained until all the Rupert Murdoch's, and Vivendi's "the Don Doddas of free press and tv" say OK! Print! Click! or Shoot!

We entertain such bullshit in this country, all for catchy titles or cartoons, that push sales. At the end of the day these people aren't in the business of providing "the news", it about providing the type of news that sells papers.

Probably 2/3rd's of the real news happening in the world we never hear about yet there are a million cameramen outside Lenox Hill hospital when Natasha Richardson died. When was the last footage from Iraq aired? How about afganistan? What about our prisoners in guantanoma bay? Was there enough on the ground footage in gaza? How about a story on the collapse of the public education system right here or our war on poverty. Brittney Spears is not news, neither is Kim Kardashian's butt implants.

In this country we have such a rigid ideological management structure ingrained on our psyches that we don't even realize what we are missing.

What is ideological management? Its the management of ideas, its about society, history, and education controlling how much you all think and the things you think about. Sounds crazy right because we all believe we have feel will, and opportunity, to learn, to achieve, well if you study the history of education and the history of news you might change your mind, it's not as accessible as you think.

I wrote a paper yesterday based on a quote that the governor of Virginia, Sir William Berkeley delivered in 1642. "I thank God we have not free schools nor press and have not for a hundred years, for learning brings disobedience, heresy, and sect into the world, and printing delivers divulge and libels against government, God please keep us from both!" Here's a link in case u want to read it at your leisure, I'm submitting it to be published in our school paper. http://tinyurl.com/carriepink

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