Let's Play Follow The Leader!!!

"followers should strive to follow the leader and not another dumbass follower" -Anonymous

Profound right? Have you ever spent a moment thinking about the crews and cliches around you? Examined your various circles or the circle of others? I'm an avid people watcher so I find these sort of ethnographic observations really fascinating.

There are cliches full of smart people, not so smart ones, pretty people, not so pretty people, ghetto people and high saddity people. From a very general perspective most cliches seem to be made up of folk who are typically fundamentally the same. That's why they are a cliche, no? They think the same, like the same things, go the same places, wear the same clothes, all little carbon copies of each other.

I often wonder how that happens and ask myself are the laws of attraction that strong or is there some manipulation going on?

Then we have the odd man out crews, In School Daze, Milton was the super smart one in Daps revolutionist crew and have you seen Harlem Heights yet? Sing with me in unison, "One of these things do not below here!?"

If we really scrutinize the "everyone is the same" crews we'll notice that no matter what they say each crew has a leader whether silent or overt and the dynamic of the crew is determined by that person.

What that means is if the leader is a dumbass they will foster a crew full of dumbasses, if the leader is smart and focused then the crew will be smart and focused, if the leader is a label whore then the crew will be label whores, you get the idea...

Yesterday we talked about designer labels and keeping up with the Joneses... Yep, Ralph Lauren, Ed Hardy, Marciano, Bebe, they are the leaders and we are just their dumb ass followers.

Last week we talked about evaluation of your friendships and taking note to whether you are the most educated, motivated, successful person in your crew, whether your crew are all pretty much together, or whether you are the least educated, motivated, successful.

We are always looking to blame society, our family, or circumstance for our shortcomings and downfalls, and we complain about it to our crews, who nod in agreement. Maybe we should start turning those mirrors around and focusing on ourselves and the people with us in the mirror, do you affiliate with a crew that has a bad leader? Are you the bad leader? If you are in the wrong network to achieve all that you want out of life do something about it, fix it, go find a new leader to follow, or if you are the leader fall back and let the Milton of your crew take over!

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirls
you can follow me, but I'm looking for a new leader to follow too ; )


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