Didn't you get the memo? perception counts and looks matter now..

Sorry to tell u but didn't you get the memo? I hope you did..."By not caring about how you are perceived, you let others decide for you... Be the master of your fate, and your reputation.." (Yes I jacked this from Rudy, again, Hi Dust!)

Over the weekend I met Stephen A Smith from ESPN a phenomenal journalist and after what I heard on Saturday a phenomenal speaker, not sure if I would call it motivational, but definitely raw, no holds barred, no sugar added....

In his delivery to these high school students, and some of their parents, Mr Smith let them know exactly what they have to look forward to in the real world. Every man for himself! was the basic message, either decide to get serious about your life or stop wasting all of our time including mine and get lost!

Parents were clapping, kids were looking at the floor, he let the kids know that having Obama as President doesn't make any one of their lives easier, it makes it harder! The status quo and "powers that be" believe that because of Obama's educational achievement, style of dress, family values (marrrrrrried with 2 kids, Michelle isn't just his baby mama) that means they will no longer accept or have time for the excuses our youth and ADULTS give for their underachievement, being undereducated and lacking strong family morals and values. The tolerance levels of the "powers that be" are even shorter than before, their mentality is if Obama can do all this then what's wrong with the rest of these African Americans, they are equally capable as him right?

Of course we know most people do not start on a equal playing field but no one cares about those facts anymore, Obama is the proof they needed to validate themselves and not change a thing in the system, and further enforce the status quo, it must be okay, it must work well, why? because Obama made it!

We have less time to celebrate this victory and need to filter our energies on getting to work, its time as a people to all get focused, push the envelope, challenge ourselves, and learn the benefit of conformity.

Yes conformity has a purpose, if you learn to dress, act and speak the same way the "powers that be" do they will take you more serious compared to if you move, talk, and dress to the "powers that be" as a typical hoodlum who they have no respect for. There is a time and place for everything and you can achieve more being inside the building that shouting purposelessly on the outside.

That means its time for everyone out there male and female ages 14 and up to own a suit and a pair of shoes, why do you or your kids have every pair of Jordans/ Jumpmen/ Dunks for 100-200 a pop but not a suit (2 for $100 on Flatbush) or shoes to your name, (no, not black pradas) this is shameful.

Even if all you want to be is a rapper, command respect and a better deal by dressing like you mean business. You go in to meet Lehor Cohen in a du rag, or too tight spandex, big jewelry, and shades, No wonder you're getting raped on your deals! They think you are a joke and financially stupid. They are smart enough to not give away too much to your dumb ass. I'd keep all your publishing too... No sense is giving my money away investing to someone who isn't smart enough to come in my office dressed for business!

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc.
Modern Day Supergirls
forget forty acres and a mule, you want a dollar, you have to work for it, dressed properly, no excuses


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