Inauguration Day!

written at 8:28am
Today will become another one of the most historic days in America, its up there with Lincoln freeing the slaves, women getting the right to vote, Rosa Parks not getting off the bus, Martin Luther King marching, integrating schools, blacks getting the right to vote, and now Obama the first African American to become President...

What this means to us as young Americans particularly young African Americans. Obama is living proof that the glass ceiling can be broken, that the status quo can be broken, that stereotypes can be ignored and that the devil is a liar.

He is proof that drive, determination and persistence pays off, he is proof that you really can achieve whatever you want if you go for it, work hard, be positive AND get the right type of people in your corner.

The challenge I set forth to all of you is this, in 2009 for President Barack Obama and his administration, assist in the movement that is going to change the way people think about, and view African Americans, by changing the way YOU think, change the bad habits YOU have and dare to be different.

Dare to stand out, work hard, change crews, meaning cut off all the people who are 1. Holding you back with their negative thoughts words, and deeds, 2. hating on what you have who you are and what you are trying to be, 3. are miserable, have nothing, no ambition, goals, ideas etc and want company in their bum-ness...... be a righteous individual, get confident, stand tall, shoulders back and just stop all the bullshit.

stop smoking cigarettes and weed everyday, stop drinking until you fall over every night. Stop abusing yourself and your significant others, physically or mentally, stop neglecting your children, stop embarassing yourself by being sloppy, loud, ignorant, and obnoxious.

Get out there and hustle, grind, get help, be better, be stronger, get to the library to get your goals, dreams and business ideas in order... Find out the steps to your dreams and find someone supportive to help you and have your back along the way. Without these efforts and changes within ourselves we will not be able to take on greater forces like changing our communities, our nation and our world. Don't make this victory be in vain....

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Daring you to be different, better, stronger...


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