If you want "it", get specific!

Every new year people get to making a list of things called resolutions, things they want to change/ do/ be better at/ achieve, in the new year.

now that we are officially 2 weeks into the new year how's it going? Day 15 today, did you go to the gym this morning? oatmeal instead of the bagel? bottle water on your desk instead of coffee? Did you skip that last cigarette?

No? What do you mean no? Resolutions are usually thought of in the previous year and people say oh I'll start in the new year...

Hmm doesn't resolution sound like a synonym for procrastination?

This year if you have already failed some if not all of your resolutions by day 15 why don't you go back and look at them again. What? They aren't written down? No wonder you're slacking already

Rule: write your goals down

And because some goals take more than a year to accomplish and some take less than a year to accomplish.make some categories.. Long term goals/ short term goals

Rule: divide your goals into long term and short term

And the best one of all develop your goals by getting very very specific

Rule: Get Specific. How specific? Verrrrrry specific.

Sample Resolution list 2009 (common to most peoples resolution list)
I want to lose 5, 10, 15, 20lbs
I want to go to the gym more and eat healthier
I want to save more money
I want to buy a house
I want to go to europe
I want a new job

Compare the above list with this

Short term goals
I want to lose 10 lbs by June 1 2009 by going to the gym 3 days a weeks on monday, wednesday and thursday for an hour each time with a trainer or aerobics class.
I will change my diet by only buying whole wheat pasta, 2% milk, fruit, vegatables. I will cook enough food to carry lunch to work everyday and bringing oatmeal and a case of poland spring water to work every week.
I will save $500 a month for the next twelve months by automatic transfer from ing of 250 bi weekly.

Long term goals
When I save $12000 I will start my search for a house.
I will renew my passport and book a hotel and plane ticket by jan 30th for my trip to europe march 2009. I will not spend more than $6000 out of my savings on my trip.
I will revamp my resume and print 100 copies. I will go through my rolodex of contacts, pull out and contact all possible leads . I will apply for 5 jobs a day via the internet and by mailing hard copies. I would like to have a new job by june 1 2009

Do you see the difference? By the end of the year who do you think will have accomplished almost everything on their list? The second example is more like a life plan, the first one, just a list...

Remember it only takes 7 to 10 consecutive occurrences for a new habit to be adopted into your life permanently...

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