Black Barbie

I'm a mother of all girls so I have a huge responsibility to teach them self love from early, positive body image, self esteem, and how to shop for the best sale of course! I've done my duty as a mom to only buy ethnic dolls for them as to try and prevent them from praising, aspiring to or idolizing white dolls that they can never be.

Well to my shock last night my girls were playing diamond castle Barbie and after a while the 4 year old says to her sister, can we switch Barbies now? Strange to me because the barbies are the same, and both sing the same song, why switch? So I asked her, why do you want to switch? “Because I don’t want the dark one mommy”.

(Urrrkkkkkks!) Excuse me??

Damn Gina! Not only is she is old enough to understand color, but she has also associated a stronger value to being light skinned? When and How did this happen!?!?!?!?!?!

I was so shocked and so caught off guard I didn’t know what to say.

So I took the doll away and told her if she couldn’t appreciate the darker doll then she couldn’t have any doll to play with.

Then when I regrouped I sat her down and asked her to look around the house at her sisters, my hunni and I and see if we are all the same color? She said No. I asked her if anyone in our house is more special or important because of their skin? She said No. I told her everyone is different, but no one should be left out because of the color of their skin, at least not in this house, we are all special.

I said some more stuff but I am so drawing a blank right now! Karl do you remember what else I told her? Karl and Romayne were sitting on my couch at the time.. Romayne knows the Diamond Castle Barbie song too.. smh..

What I want to know is how she came to this conclusion all by herself. No one has ever told her being light skin is better than being any other complexion, did she really figure this out on her own? Has there been anything done/ said/ implied to make her believe that? Has this happened to any of you with children yet??

After our talk she ran off to play with her sister but then quickly came back for her black barbie doll, to rejoin in singing the diamond castle barbie song too... Thankfully.

Carrie Bradshaw ala Caramel
The Pink Experience
amazed at the mind of her child..

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