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Michael and Marcel Brea

Yesterday morning I was helping a friend locate his mom who had been missing for 5 days, and last night I've been praying for another friend who has killed his mother. My heart goes out to the Brea family for their loss, this tragedy, and the confusion they both, Michael and Marcel, must be dealing with at this hour.

I've known Michael and Marcel Brea since high school, better acquainted with Michael than I was with Marcel. Michael was just the more outgoing twin, always friendly, always smiling, always cracking up. He and I both worked in the Dean's office back then..I was a peer mediator for the Dean and well I think Michael just liked to hang out there.. lol

The twins were always dressed to impress in school, lots of girls liked them and of course our ignorance led us to believe they were Hispanic, not Haitian. They never caused any trouble in school as far as I can remember and everyone definitely knew who they were.. you would definitely call them popular.

After High School everyone went their separate ways until one day I'm sitting in orientation for a new job at Citibank and Michael is sitting across the room from me in 2002. Of course once seeing someone you know in an unfamiliar setting automatically makes you feel more at ease. Michael and I had been hired to work in the same department and had gotten the same shift. For almost a year he and I took turns car-pooling back and forth to work. We both lived in Brooklyn and worked in Melville Long Island. I didn't have a car then so he drove the majority of the time picking me and another girl up in his 1970/80 Benz and driving us home daily.

I will never forget, one day Michael wanted to go to a check cashing place so we stopped somewhere on the North Conduit. On the back of his drivers license was a photo booth sticker picture of him and his current girlfriend. Our other co-worker and I were like awwwwww that's soo sweet Michael.. he told me she was a student at Hunter College.. Co-incidentally at the time so was I, so the next day I had class and made it my business to find and introduce myself to his girlfriend.

After leaving Citibank we've only spoken 2 times, once while he was working at Pri-America and once while he was at Geico.

I know that this tragic incident is one that will have everyone looking at Michael like some deranged psycho killer and I probably would be the same way if I didn't know him personally, but for all the years I knew Michael in HS and the all the times we were car-pooling back and forth driving those hour long drives each way to and fro Long Island this is nothing I could have ever even seen coming. I don't even think I've ever seen Michael angry.  From what I know of him, this is totally out of character for him, but you can never know the depths of someone's temper if you've never seen them angry.

People are always so quick to judge, the comments that I have seen in relation to his story have been sooo disgusting. I can't even believe how ignorant people are, he wasn't some psycho immigrant who always had the potential to be a killer, like what?! He was a chill dude, always hustling hard to make money, Citibank, Pri-America and Geico were all low salary plus commission jobs, and he had the gift of fab so he did well.

Despite the crime committed all I'm saying is that this is someone's brother, someone's uncle, and someone's friend. I don't know what made Michael snap and neither do any of you..

I'm lifting his family up in prayer today, Michael, because he needs it right now and his twin Marcel because he must be in a whirlwind of confusion at this situation, at the end of it all Michael is still his twin brother....

Carrie Pink


MISSING PERSON! Yvette Gardner, MOM of who many of you may know  and a close friend to my family, LonYe West, @MrInkrebleNYC.

Please contact him if you have seen her! She was last seen wearing a brown coat and scarf on Flatbush Junction. ANY INFO WOULD BE APPRECIATED! 

Good morning. I would like to ask for everyone's help with something extremely important.

As of friday, my Mother, Yvette Gardner hasn't been seen or heard from. I officially filed a missing persons' report on Sunday night. The detectives at the 71st precinct are doing all they can, but I need as many eyes and ears to the streets as humanly possible.

That is a recent picture of her. She was last seen wearing a brown coat and scarf around the intersections of Flatbush & Nostrand Avenue. If you or anyone you know has seen her within the past few days, please give us a call at 347.866.6673

Send this to whoever you can via bbm,fb, twitter or any medium where it can spread quickly.

Thanks to everyone that's been checking on me and thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Say a prayer for us.


Carrie Pink

What's unforgivable these days?

photo courtesy of
LYING; CHEATING; BETRAYAL; DISRESPECT;...on 2nite's "Fame Fortune's READY READY RADIO" our 'Fortune Cookie' is: "what's unforgivable for you in a relationship?" Has cheating become more accepted? Are standards set too low when it comes to significant others TUNE IN/CALL UP 347.215.7382 TO HEAR THE SHOW (press #1 to talk) on w/@mypinkmonkey & @drebless Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

This was the topic last night on Smack That Talk Radio HOSTED BY! Pink Monkey and Dre Bless

The questions were,
1. what's unforgivable in a relationship?
2. has cheating become more acceptable?
3. Are standards set too low when it comes to significant others?

Here's my thoughts.

Whats unforgivable in a relationship will vary from person to person and relationship to relationship.. there is no cut and dry answer, no right, no wrong answers, its all based off of choice, nature of the relationship, level of commitment, length of time committed, depth of interdependency etc...  what's forgivable for one may be unforgivable to another.. and vice versa.. it all depends on you.. whether its lying, cheating, betrayal or disrespect, we all have a threshold and once its met that's it.. we're gone. for some the threshold is 1 infraction, no forgiveness no nothing.. for others its 2 infractions..forgive only once, not twice.. for others forgiveness is almost unlimited.*shrug* people all have to live with the choices they make.

Has cheating become more acceptable??? And are the standards set too low when it comes to significant others, I sure hope not... Cheating is another one of those topics where the factors vary and thus so will the forgiveness.. If we've only been together 3 months and you cheat that's one thing, but if we've been together 5 years that's a whole other thing, there is much more invested. If we are married, have children...that makes it even harder, the state of our relationship at the time... all of those factors SHOULD play a part in whether you forgive a cheater, liar, disrespect-or.. as well as to whether the cheater, liar, disrespect-or is actually remorseful, is not a constant repeat offender.ALWAYS LOOKING FOR FORGIVENESS... For some... cheating is the ultimate sin and the is NO forgiveness... Period..

We have to realize too that even if the title of the relationship is only significant other that doesn't define the depth of the relationship or make it easier to forgive or NOT forgive.. Oh we've been together 6 years, he cheated, but since he's only my boyfriend, I'm out... ummm right.. lie to yourself if you want to... title is not and should not be the factor of what and how you forgive in my opinion.. humans screw up and make mistakes.. some of them should be forgiven, some should not... its a personal judgment call

but I will tell you this,  broken trust which is the underlying consequence of a cheater, liar, disrespect-or and is very hard to rebuild honestly I don't know if I believe that it ever builds back as strong as it was before...because you can always forgive, but most people never forget.

Carrie Pink

About ICL and Pretty World Inc's Turkey Drive

This Thanksgiving PWI will be raising money for the Institute for Community Living Inc. (ICL),, HUD and HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS) funded programs located in the East New York section of Brooklyn, NY. This organization needs to collect 30 Turkeys for their residents who will each host individual thanksgiving dinners for their respective families.  PWI has commited to donating 10 turkeys, but help us exceed our goal to give all 30!

Institute for Community Living Inc. (ICL),

The Mission of the Institute for Community Living Inc. (ICL) is to assist individuals and families affected by or at risk for mental and developmental disabilities with services and support designed to improve their quality of life and participation in community living.Very simply, ICL's programs and services strive to help individuals and families overcome obstacles, achieve goals and reach their fullest potential. For that reason, ICL has pioneered new rehabilitation and preventive care approaches like residential treatment for individuals who are mentally ill and chemically addicted and wellness self management for people with serious physical as well as behavioral conditions.
The Institute for Community Living touches the lives of 8,000 men, women and children each year. Most of ICL's programs are located in New York City, where ICL has been a leader in developing and implementing best practice, evidence-based recovery and treatment services. With over 100 programs, ICL's staff strives to create a safe and caring environment for people with histories of homelessness, mental illness, developmental disabilities, chronic health conditions and/or substance abuse, helping them to take charge of their lives. Many of these individuals and families – veterans, parents, families and single adults – have nowhere else to turn. In times of challenge and crisis, local residents in need of treatment, support and/or advocacy rely on ICL.
 Preserving and strengthening families is a bedrock goal of ICL. Having a wonderful holiday meal means the world to our children and will help brighten the holidays for them and their families. We appreciate your generosity!

Pretty World Inc

Ladies who are you dressing for?

Photo Courtesy of The Urban Daily
Women love to believe that all the things we do to beautify ourselves, make-up, hair, outfits, shoes, bags, shades, nails,  etc etc etc are impressive to men.. and while this may be true for some detailed oriented, keeping yourself red carpet ready may be a priority for some men, most men do not even realize nor care as much as we think they do... in essence women don't really go to the high line of beauty to impress men, but for the most part they are consciously or sub consciously doing it to impress themselves or other women..

We as women are our own worst critics, a woman who tear down another woman's outfit, hairstyle, in a heartbeat, 10 times faster than she would give another woman a compliment, especially if she is off-point herself... why? lord only knows... Women are naturally competitive in some ways more than men... our level of competition seems to be so multifaceted; we want to be the sexiest, the smartest, the freakiest, the prettiest, the most stylish, the realest, the coolest, the most down to earth, the most conceited, the best cook, the best cleaner, the best dancer, the most independent... face it ladies, some of us have issues.. we want to be perfectionists!!!

But how do men really feel about the things we like or find impressive for ourselves.. and are we really doing it to impress them, ourselves, or each other?

Hair:  this is the topic of the 21st century..there was a time when no one wore weaves and short cuts were cool and cute, but now it seems like everyone has one.. I still don't understand what makes a woman want to wear a weave all the time and when did that become the standard for black hair? Well Essence Magazine surveyed black men to ask them how they feel about it our hair.

56% of black men say they are bothered by weaves and fake hair. "A weave says you are insecure with your own hair and ashamed of what God gave you." Nate-30

Now ladies don't kill Nate...

69% of black men said they don't care about the length of your hair as long as it looks good on you (so the 16,18,20,22 inches really is a waste of your money if you think that's what men like.. seems like it's only impressive when you grew it yourself)

22% of black men said they "hate" our head scarves..  (and that 22% will get over it, unless they want us to sleep upright in a chair all night or look like who dun it and ran in the am!)

Stretch Marks: We as women CRINGE at the thoughts of stretch marks and cellulite! We salve on cocoa butter like we own stock in it hoping to reverse the affects of the awwwful stretch mark! We pray to GOD that the delivery of our children will not leave us with a web of stretchmarks that leaves us unable to ever show our stomachs again in life! But how do men feel about them?

Essence Survey Says!

53% of black men could care less about your stretch marks.  (and FYI.. if you deliver his child and earn stretch marks as a byproduct, and he has a problem with them.. KICK HIM)

Intelligence: wanting to be the smartest crayon in the box may be impressive to your school teachers but how does it fare with the opposite sex.. we all have seen the Jessica Simpsons of the world with great guys and ask ourselves, how, why? She's dumb as a doornail!

Well ladies the men have spoken... it seems like for some being extra smart just isnt important to them.. the #1 trait that mattered to black men??

48% said LOYALTY.. Intelligence was on the most important to 14%..

So ladies that information should tell you something? Maybe its time you put the lip gloss aside, ur video vixen outfits, and the newton theory on relativity and just focus on whats inside? So when the time comes you can be that supportive, loyal partner he really wants and needs...

That is all.

Carrie Pink
Modern Day Supergirl

Does YOUR Vote Count?

In 2008 we have the second largest Youth Voter turnout in American History (except for 1972 when 18 year old's were first given the right to vote), 2008 we had the highest black voter turn out in American History.. in 2008 the highest black woman vote in American History (Black people ACTUALLY OUTNUMBERED all other voters)  yet yesterday 2010 we have a measly 4% of African Americans voting... We have the republicans in control of congress and only a minor advantage of democrats in the Senate (51 Dem, 47 Rep, 2 Indy)

Once again we are all bark and no bite... We have not done all that we needed to do to support our President and give him the ammunition he needs to distribute the change we all hoping and waiting for... We have failed him and ourselves.

The great efforts and measures, the leaps and bounds we all took to get President Obama in office are slowly trickling out with the bath water... we've already lost our spark and our interest in the political process in regards to these mid term elections...

Most of us do not even understand how the midterm elections affect the power of the President...

Yesterday while talking to people about the elections and going out to vote I felt like we were in the year 2000... I heard so many people say, "Oh I don't vote.. it doesn't count for anything anyway"

Are you guys kidding me!?! after the 2008 election people have reverted back to this mantra?! In 2008 you saw Your votes count! Because  YOU MADE IT COUNT....

Here's the problem that I find with most people who use this excuse.. Typically when they do vote... if they vote.. they go to the polls and that's it.. they disappear from the political arena never to be seen until the next election. They sit back fold their arms and wait for the elected official to do all the things that they said they would do.. they sit back and wait for everything to fall into a pretty political picture.. and when it doesn't and that candidate isn't fulfilling any of the promises he said he would, they sit back and still do NOTHING.

BIG MISTAKE.... if there is one thing I have learned in my 12 years as a voter is your job doesn't end at the ballot box!

These elected officials where ever they sit have NO IDEA the issues happening in your community IF YOU DON'T TELL THEM! When things are happening in your area you have to RUN IT UP THE FLAGPOLE! Start with the Alderman, the the City Council, Assemblyman, THE CONGRESSMAN who's office is usually in walking distance from your house! We have to start voicing our needs and FOLLOW UP until the needs are met! You have to attend public hearings, community board meetings, protest when there is 101 liquor stores in your area the same way they protest on the lower east side!

Change doesn't just happen because we say it should, it has to be initiated, fought for and followed up on... why would a political system which has operated the way it operates just influence change for the people WITHOUT THE PEOPLE ASKING FOR IT? And following up with it UNTIL THEY GET IT..

Learn how to use the political system to your advantage to improve your community and your life while you live in it!

I really think people just don't understand, hold your elected officials responsible for their promises!!! Call and complain when they roads need paving, when the schools are overcrowded, when you get too many parking tickets on the same street, when a streetlight is out, when the sewers are blocked, when sidewalks are not cleaned, when there's graffiti, whatever it is, let your elected officials know you CARE about your community!

Most of them think we don't care because they never hear from us, which is why when in office they can push through whatever political agenda they want because none of us are paying attention to them anymore! We aren't questioning them or asking to be filled in...

I always compare the level of community involvement in the neighborhood where I live compared to the neighborhood I work in... where I work public hearings are filled to capacity with residents concerned about whats happening next in their area..... Where I live? we're lucky if 10 people show up... There is a subway station in my neighborhood that recently lost it's token booth clerk.... the signs regarding the hearings were up for months.. I'm embarassed to even write how many people showed up to protest it's removal..

When are we really going to start BEING ABOUT IT and getting in the political arena.. AS ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS.. not just side liners!

I'll tell you this, the modern day supergirls have their eyes on all these newly elected officials and we will be calling their bluff and checking their checklists! it's no longer the time to side and wait.. it's time to work with those in office to get our critical neighborhood issues on the table and their agenda!


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